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Welcome to the MIP* Resource page. Here is a collection of resources that may be helpful for those interested in understanding the MIP* = RE result.

  • A high level blog post that introduces the connection between MIP* = RE, Tsirelson's problem, and Connes' Embedding Conjecture.
  • Here is a guide for people who are interested in starting a reading group around the MIP* = RE result, including its connections to the Connes' Embedding Problem. This includes suggestions for background reading.


Reading Groups

Please contact me (Henry Yuen) if you'd like your reading group to be included on this list.

Open Problems

  1. Construct a non-hyperlinear group.
  2. What is the most general class of nonlocal games that can be introspected?
  3. What is the complexity of MIPco? We conjecture that it is equal to coRE.

To be updated…

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