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Welcome to the MIP* Resource page. Here is a collection of resources that may be helpful for those interested in understanding the MIP* = RE result.

  • A high level blog post that introduces the connection between MIP* = RE, Tsirelson's problem, and Connes' Embedding Conjecture.
  • Here is a guide for people who are interested in starting a reading group around the MIP* = RE result, including its connections to the Connes' Embedding Problem. This includes suggestions for background reading.


Discussion Forum

There's a Piazza forum for those who may have questions about MIP* = RE or related topics. Sign up code: “quantum”.

Reading Groups

Please contact me (Henry Yuen) if you'd like your reading group to be included on this list.

Open Problems

  1. Construct a non-hyperlinear group.
  2. What is the most general class of nonlocal games that can be introspected?
  3. What is the complexity of MIPco? A plausible conjecture is that it is equal to coRE.

More to come. Also, please feel free to suggest more open problems (either by e-mail, or on the Piazza forum).

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